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Cakeify pens are very much back in stock

Oh dear, I have been neglecting the old blog this week. I’m working on a lot of stuff though, and haven’t had much in the way of spare time. Here’s a quick update on what’s happening.


I’m going to be selling (as Pushpin Zines) at the Glasgow International Artists Bookfair next weekend so I’m attempting to get a new zine together for it. It will be another Oddments so I’m not entirely sure what will end up being in it yet. Why not come along and find out? If you’ve not checked out Pushpin lately, there’s some awesome new stuff, plus I will have a small selection of Asking For Trouble stationery available. Also in the works – a new expanded and updated Glasgow Guide PDF and all those 500 other zines I’m supposedly going to finish one day. Here’s all the upcoming event info.

Cookie Cute Sticky Notes


Speaking of stationery, I’ve added some Cookie Cute sticky notes to the shop, and Cakeify pens are finally back in stock. I had to order 50 to get them back into profitable levels so I hope you all still want one. They are great pens though – I’m still using the very first one I ordered.


Thanks to everyone who voted for my Vintage Buttons in the Spoonflower sewing contest as they made it to #6! I don’t win anything but it’s still awesome to be recognised and get some new fans. I have a fabric-related giveaway coming up soon, once I decide what to make you do for it.


While there’s nothing on the rainboots or shower curtains level of excitement happening just now, there’s a lot of low level cool stuff going on that I shall hopefully be able to tell you about very soon. Watch this space.

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