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Kawaii Food Badge Box

You may have heard that Royal Mail are raising their prices significantly on April 30th.  It’s quite a blow for a lot of small businesses, especially those with international customers. I’ve spent the weekend doing some incredibly tedious things including re-weighing all my products and packaging and making the world’s most boring spreadsheet comparing my current and future costs. The good news is that prices won’t actually be rising that much for the majority of my products. However, if you’re outside Europe, buying multiple items might get a bit pricey. Anyway, here’s the main points.

1. I’ve made some initial changes to my weights and prices on my own shop. Some prices have actually gone down, but there’s now a fixed minimum postage cost regardless of whether you buy a single card or a notepad, so buying a few things is more cost-effective. You can check the pricing here.

2. On (or around) May 1st I’ll be updating the postage prices on all my shops to match the new Royal Mail prices (so take advantage and place your orders this month!). I do also have some stamps hoarded, which will slow the price rise for UK orders.

3. Australia is getting a particularly hard time and has been singled out for special extra high postage. I get quite a few orders from Australia and find this rather mean so I’ll be covering those extra costs myself. You’re welcome!

4. Don’t forget, there’s also a flat rate international shipping option for orders over £20 (and free shipping in the UK) so it might be worth saving up for a big order!

5. And finally, since the new prices start climbing drastically once you hit the parcel stage, I’ll be discontinuing a few bulky products, specifically the Jammie Dodger mugs. I’ve only got about five left so snap one up now.

If you made it this far, then you get to look at another of my new Badge Boxes. They include ten themed badges in a little pillow box and you can choose from either Kawaii Food (at the top) or Cute Animals (below). They’re quite a bargain and you can also pick up a box of random badges if you fancy a surprise.

Cute Animals Badge Box

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