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On the left – a photo I took in Osaka of a bunny we passed every day. On the right – matching bags I just saw on Etsy. I recognised that bunny instantly! I couldn’t really justify buying 50 carrier bags so I bought these smaller ones instead.

In other Japan-related news: some things I’ve enjoyed recently:

Speaking of Osaka,36 Hours in Osaka is a nice run-down of places to see in Osaka. How did we miss the Cup Noodle museum with personalised Cup Noodles!

Polkaros had a tour of the mt tape factory and Ros has been posting up loads of photos. It’s as awesome as you might expect. I kind of need some of those wall dots.

Melanie at Kimono Reincarnate and Zoe at Conversation Pieces have both been posting about their recent trips to Japan. Lots of great photos!

And finally, I’m very happy to hear Jenna is going back to Japan next year. I loved Jenna’s blog because she knows the contents of her local conbini are just as exciting as temples and scenery. Can’t wait to see what she gets up to this time. You should go bookmark her blog in readiness :)

And now I want to go back to Japan…

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