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A note for my fabric buyers

New Spoonflower colour matching chart.

As you may have heard, Spoonflower is changing its colour profile. That’s a good thing, and means we have lots more colours to work with in future but it also means some of my fabrics won’t print exactly the same. I spent half my ever-growing hoard of Spoondollars reswatching my designs and most of them look pretty much the same. There are a few that look different in a good way and a few that look different in a bad way.

So, if you’ve bought my fabric before, or plan to in future, here’s a few things to note:

1. New buyers should make sure to choose the new colour profile at checkout. This will make sure all your fabric matches if you buy more in future.

2. If you’ve bought one of my fabrics before and need more exactly the same then hurry up and get as much as you need. You should select the old colour profile at checkout which will only be available for another few months. While there aren’t any enormous colour shifts, there are some noticeable differences which might upset the perfectionists. In general, the colours are slightly more muted.

3. As I said, some are different in a good way, in that they look more like my original design colours. I have uploaded comparison scans for these.

Spooky Wooky

Glad you can see the graph paper background better now – I spent ages matching that up!

4. A few designs I am not happy with the new colours and will need to adjust them. I’ve made a note in each fabric’s description on Spoonflower.

5. I have only tested my fabrics on Kona quilting cotton. The colours will probably shift a little between fabric bases but there’s no way I can make the colours the same on all bases. If you previously bought fabric on the old quilting cotton it could print slightly different on the Kona, so you may as well switch to the new colour profile too.

6. As seen above, I now have a fancy new Spoonflower colour chart so all new fabrics will work perfectly with the new colour profile. I have a lot of half-finished pattern ideas I hope to finish sometime soon.

And finally, since I now have a pile of swatches from the old colour profile I’ll be selling some of those in the shop. I’ve also kept some by for a little giveaway – check back soon for that!


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