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Christmas Break

Yay, presents!

I hope you’re all having an awesome Christmas. I had a surprising amount of presents to open, mainly thanks to Claire, which were all ace (more photos soon) and I’m having lots of fun doing not very much.

However, I have been tinkering with the website today so don’t worry if something goes wonky – it’s just me. One rather big change – the blog address is now so RSS readers may need to update your subscriptions. I had to do this as I wanted the shop to be my homepage from now on – there was really nothing worthwhile on my actual homepage. I’m also planning a nice redesign of the blog to match my shop a bit better.

I love my indie secret Santa gift - happy tea cake mug from @teeandtoast :)

I will be back with a post about London soon. In the meantime, enjoy my Indie Secret Santa gift – a teacake mug from Tee and Toast. It has already ousted my previous favourite mug.

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