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Hello new cards

hello bunny and panda

You may have noticed some changes in the Cards collection. Not only have a few designs disappeared for good, but I redesigned two of my more popular designs. Hello Bunny & Panda has a whole new look, while my Jammie Dodger card is just a bit tidied up.

variety pack

I’ve also added a new Variety Pack. If you’re always having to rush to the shop for a last minute card then this is the pack for you! For just £20 you get 11 folded cards, 2 tiny cards and 5 postcards, with something for every occasion. Save money and be prepared for any event!

If you don’t need that many cards, don’t forget there’s a 2 cards for £3 deal available too.

One last thing – I’ll be taking the Christmas stuff down soon – if you want to pick up some bargain cards for next Christmas, there are a few in my Holiday Sale, with an extra 25% off the sale prices.

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