Tokyo Shopping Guide update

Tokyo Shopping Guide

With all the redesigning I’ve been doing lately, it was time to give my Tokyo Shopping Guide an overhaul too. I’ve removed a few dead links, tidied things up and added lots of new links too. Many of them I have already blogged about but here are a couple of new sites I discovered recently:

Surviving in Japan is a great blog about all those random everyday things you might find confusing. While aimed mainly at people moving to Japan longterm there’s some great tips for travellers too, like how find cinemas showing English films, book concert tickets, get your luggage delivered to the airport  or decipher food labels.

10 Days in Japan is one of those trip reports that I wish everyone would write every time they go on holiday. I love reading what people get up to and any problems or tips they can pass on. With this site you get 2 trips to read through, which include lots of cool day trips around Japan. The second trip they bring their kids along too and also get caught up in the March earthquake. All really interesting reading!

I plan to ramp up my Japan blogging this year, since I am now seriously planning my next trip. I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to go for a month around April/May 2014. It’s a long way away but I need to save up quite a bit of money. A whole month will give me lots of exciting opportunities though! In the meantime, is there any Japan stuff you’d like me to blog about?

If you want to help me save up, feel free to buy one of my Japan zines or ebooks as all that money will be going straight into my Japan fund and helping me write more in future! I also sell a few Japan zines by other folks too – they’re all great!

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