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Friday Catch-up #2

Bye York! Why are there little castles all over the pavements? I like them.

Another Friday, another wee recap of my week.


York! I had a really fun time, despite the freezingness. I’ve still got lots of photos to post and will blog a bit next week. These little metal discs are stuck in the pavements around York, all facing in different directions. I haven’t been able to Google why – anyone know?


my backlog of magazines. What trains are good for. I only subscribe to Wanderlust (adventurous travel) and Fire and Knives (food writing and illustration), and yet I can never keep up with them. Clearly, I need more train journeys.


I Wish, a Japanese film I saw at the Picturehouse Cinema in York. It’s about 2 kid brothers in Kyushu who meet up at the midpoint of their parents’ homes so they can see the first 2 Shinkansen trains pass and make a wish. I’ve always wanted to go to Kyushu and it looks amazing with the sea and the volcano. Also great for the fact that a bunch of pre-teen kids go off by themselves to the middle of nowhere and stay overnight and it’s no big deal and nothing bad happens. Good old Japan. It’s been out for a while so look out for it on DVD soon.

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