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Friday Catch Up #4

cross stitch

What have I been up to this week?


A new cross stitch project. I am kind of regretting starting this – cross stitch is really not as fun for me as tapestry and the needle is tiny for this kit and hard to thread. But it’s a birthday present for my Granny so I will persevere.


As mentioned yesterday, I am finally getting to read A Memory of Light, the last Wheel of Time book and have thus dropped everything else. I’m already 25% done. Fun fact from the archives: I read the first book just over four years ago.


Since I’m getting to the end of The Office (I just finished S7), it’s cool that UK TV has started showing Parks and Recreation and The Mindy Project. I like them both so far.



Les Revenants is Mogwai in spooky soundtrack mode, which they do very well.
Ninja Re Bang Bang is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s latest insanely catchy single.
Trein Maersk by Icebreaker International is one my favourite albums of all time, but seldom listened to, because double vinyl, ugh. I got an MP3 version on sale at Amazon and yay, still amazing!

Shop News

Itty Bitty Polka Dot wrote a nice post about my shop. You’ll find a discount code there too!
– You can get free shipping on my Society6 products until April 14th (using that link only!)
– There’s 10.40% off all orders from my Zazzle store until the 15th with code TAXDAYDEALIO.
– And my sale is still running. All Vintage Buttons stuff will be getting deleted very soon…

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