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International Zine Month


As always, July is International Zine Month. It’s also the end of my Zine Challenge, but if you didn’t manage to make a zine, don’t beat yourself up, but instead use IZM to give you some inspiration for future. You could take up some of the daily challenges to read, write about, promote, share and buy zines, or if you’re feeling really ambitious, you could make a 24 Hour Zine.

I’m going to try to blog a bit about zines this month, both here and at Pushpin Zines, plus finish reading the zines I bought recently, and maybe even make a new free zine, or at least go through my zine ideas folder.

IZM zine sale

To help you read more zines, you can get 10% off all zines in my shop using the code IZM until the end of July. And don’t forget, I have loads of free zines to download too.

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