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Seaside Holiday Fun

Angel Bunny on the beach.

While I’m back from my trip Up North, I’m still on holiday, and rushing to re-pack for the Folksy Summer School. I had an awesome time though (as did Angel Bunny) and will blog about it next week. I said I was unlikely to be doing any swimming in the sea but the weather was amazing and I pretty much did swim in the sea (or at least run at chest high waves and scream a lot – this is the North Sea after all). I think I ended up having a paddle at 5 different beaches overall and we collected lots of adorably tiny shells and pebbles too.

Teeny weeny shells we collected at Whitehills.

Anyway, my next shipping day is Monday 12th and then that’s it until I get back to normal on the 26th. Don’t forget you can buy online or in person from Hannah Zakari too.

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