Show and Tell – A Contest!

hello cupcake shower curtain

Source: Sara on Pinterest

I spotted this on Pinterest a while ago – my Hello Cupcake shower curtain in someone’s actual house. So exciting! I love seeing these kind of photos so I thought I’d have a contest of sorts.

All you need to do is take a photo of one of my products in use. Maybe you have a Busy Bee Organiser on your desk or a badge on your bag or you’ve made something with my fabric or can even photograph yourself reading my Tokyo Shopping Guide in Tokyo!

Don’t worry too much about getting the perfect photograph – I’m just looking for fun or interesting pics. Any of my products are fair game – licensed products, personalised Zazzle stuff, zines, old things I don’t sell any more, things you made using my fabrics and papers, free printables etc. Just be creative!


The winner will get a cushion/throw pillow in any design of their choice from my Society 6 shop. There will be runner-up prizes too, if there are lots of entries so spread the word! I’ll update later with a closing date but it will likely be early September so plenty time.

How to enter:
The contest entry page has been moved HERE.

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