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Let’s Try This Again


Since I cleverly became ill during a planned month off work, my recovery time hasn’t really affected me professionally (except for all those emails I still need to answer, sorry!). However, it totally affected my Show and Tell photo contest, since I’ve not been around to promote it and thus is has zero entries, sob sob.

So let’s start again at the beginning. I’ve set up a new page to enter right here, and you’ve got until the 1st of December to submit your photos so you even have loads of time to buy something. I’ve seen some great handmade things on Instagram and Spoonflower lately, plus I’d love to see my fruit and veg magnets on your fridges and my Bread Slice brooches having adventures on your lapel, so send me your pics and you could win one of my Society6 throw pillows in any design of your choosing, just in time for Christmas!

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