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Tokyo Shopping Guide Updates

Tokyo Shopping Guide

While stuck in the house waiting for the UPS man to deliver more seasonal fruit and veg fridge magnets, I decided to update my Tokyo Shopping Guide pages. I’ve removed old photos, fixed dead links and updated some info (for example – Itoya is in a temporary home due to a total rebuild, and the refurbished Kiddyland has been back open for a while now). I’ve also updated the main index page with more cool links to check out.

There’s even some new content too as I found a half-finished area guide page for everywhere else, so I finished it off and published it. There’s short guides on what to see in Odaiba, Daikanyama, Ueno, Meguro, Ginza and Kichijoji so have a look. Also new is my Frequently Asked Questions about Japan page, where I’ve posted my replies to a few questions from Formspring and other emailed questions. If you want to know something, ask away and I’ll do my best.

In actual Tokyo Shopping Guide news, I am down to the last TWO print copies. I’m still unsure whether to reprint more or leave it as e-book/PDF only until my next Japan trip. If I do reprint, I will make some updates to the text first so it will be out of print for a while either way. Grab one while you can!

I have a few more Tokyo/Japan blog plans up my sleeve – hopefully I’ll get them organised soon.

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