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Weekend Wrap Up

Spot my new tiny dino pal!

It’s been another busy week – I’m actually about 3 blog posts behind in all my news, and that’s just the stuff I’m able to share now! I should really make a pledge to blog every day until I’m caught up on all my news and half-written drafts. Highlight of the week – my new dino necklace by Mark Poulin, a gift from Claire. I think she also gave me the t-shirt I’m wearing here too – I love it when people buy me things from my wish list!

Things I’ve enjoyed this week

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Now that I have my Gamecube set up, my first requirement was to borrow Wind Waker from my sister so I could replay it. I am enjoying it SO MUCH. I’ve finished the first 3 dungeons, which means I’m now at the point where I have a boat, a grappling hook and some bombs and can sail around the Great Sea collecting treasure and doing sidequests and generally faffing about instead of stopping Ganondorf. I am also rediscovering quite how embarrassingly terrible I am at 3D gaming. I completed the much harder Link to the Past THREE TIMES without much difficulty, but I am being such an idiot with this game. I don’t really care though, because I’m having a great time – the anime style and all the amazing characters and silly touches mean it hasn’t aged a day and it’s still a delight.

News, Offers & Reminders

– My PDF zines and ebooks and mostly now just £1 (or free!) in my shop at the moment.
– More about this next week, but new cards are in the shop!
– My second Kaiwa Japan interview is up, with Alan of Bearos. It’s a great long read so bookmark it for later!

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