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Weekend Wrap Up

Guess who got a super cute surprise parcel from @momijihq? Me and @tinyotterpaws! Thanks so much!

It’s been another busy week, with lots of web design work, blogging and taking photos of books. I always imagined daily photo projects were hard, and they really are. I’m doing well so far though, so hopefully I’ll make it through the month. I’ve been organising a lot of cute giveaway prizes for Super Cute Kawaii this year so it was awesome to get a thank you parcel from Momiji to share with Claire! The bottom box has a very special limited edition glittery Star – so cute!

Links I Loved

– All the news from E3 is making me want to buy a Wii. Okay, maybe mostly just New Zelda, but Mario Maker is such a fun idea too.
– Melanie at Kimono Reincarnate posted a load of photos from the recent Design Festa in Tokyo and I really want to go back. Also, there’s lots of new Japan links at Kaiwa Japan!
– Love this nail and string wall art at Bright Bazaar.
– Hugs Are Fun’s Solar System cross stitch and all the space fabrics in the current Spoonflower contest are making this space nerd very happy!
– It’s kind of awesome that the AV Club started rewatching season 1 of LOST on the exact same day that I finished my rewatch of the entire 6 seasons. *cue smoke monster*. I have thoughts about my LOST rewatch that I may post soon.

Added To My Book Wish List

book wish list

Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill. Illustration! Expeditions! History! Antarctica! Well done ticking all my boxes there.
An Age of License by Lucy Knisley. First of a two-part travelogue by one of my favourite comic artists. Really looking forward to this.
Love at First Stitch: Demystifying Dressmaking by Tilly Walnes. I enjoy reading Tilly’s blog, and this book looks ideal for building confidence in dressmaking, plus the clothes are all really cute. But first I need to finish the skirt pattern I bought from her just before moving house.

News, Offers and Reminders

– If you missed my post yesterday, say hello to the Solar System! Also now available on Society6.
– My Sew Cute rain boots are back – get yourself a pair from Plueys.

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