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Today's #ctmonthinthelife photo. I'm currently working on some new SCK friends for Bunny. How about a koala?

There’s a bunch of stuff piling up that I haven’t had a chance to mention, so here you go.

I have a real aversion to sharing things before they are ready, but the #CTMonthInTheLife photo project has been coaxing me into it, and it’s kind of fun! Above is a new koala friend for Super Cute Kawaii, which is getting a redesign soon. If you fancy some more sneak peeks, check my Instagram. I even posted a video today for the first time!

Craft Markets!
I’m now a member of the Helensburgh & Lomond Artisans Association so I’ll be taking part in their regular craft markets. I realise very few of you live nearby but there’s a direct train through Glasgow and Edinburgh so why not come for a day trip sometime! I’ll add the dates to my much-neglected events page once I know which ones I’m doing.

Mobile Theme!
If you’re reading this on your phone, you may have noticed things look a bit different! I installed a mobile theme so it’s easier to read my posts. I personally hate it when sites don’t have a mobile view so I figured I should fix that. I still have a full RSS feed though, so you can continue reading via Feedly or Bloglovin’ too. As a web designer, I find it all very interesting how little it matters what your site looks like now. It’s not putting me out of a job though – it’s just that designs are now simple, clean, easy to use and with some strong recognisable branding that people will remember.

I’ll be taking my regular August holiday very soon so get your orders in before I take a break from shipping. I think it will just be two weeks this year as moving house was a big drain on my bank account. Hopefully this year I don’t end up in the hospital…

A Giveaway!
I may have ordered something from Spoonflower for all you nice people who read this blog. I’ll run it while I’m on my hols so check back for that!

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