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Just a reminder of where I’m currently hanging out most on the internet, if you want to see what I’m up to.


Instagram is probably my favourite social network at the moment and where I share everyday pics that often don’t show up anywhere else. Mostly Helensburgh, my house, cake, my current crafty projects, new product sneak peeks and outings. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can see my photos on the Instagram website, and about 90% of them are also posted to Flickr.



Tumblr is pretty much my favourite place on the internet these days. I love the constant stream of art, illustrations, products, news, comics, articles, links and hilarious nonsense, plus most of my favourite artists post regularly on there. I post quite a lot too at mar-c (stuff I like), Super Cute Kawaii, Quincy & Usagi (Animal Crossing), Kaiwa Japan (Japan links), Pushpin Zines, Asking For Trouble (mostly product stuff) and Spooky Wooky (cute ghosts). I will do a round-up of my favourite Tumblrs to follow at some point.



Twitter was my favourite place to hang out for a long time, but I don’t tweet so often now. It’s still the best place to ask me questions, have a chat, see when a new blog post is up and hear about what I got in the post or what idiotic thing just happened.



Pinterest is not really for me, but I do check it a few times a week and post stuff from here and SCK. I have been using it a bit more recently for colour inspiration and pattern ideas, and it’s great for client brainstorming, but I keep those boards private.



Ugh, I hate Facebook and have been waiting impatiently for about 6 years for everyone to get sick of it and move on. I don’t use it personally at all, except to see how some friends and family are doing that aren’t on any other site I use. I check the Asking For Trouble page now and again for messages but mainly it’s just a blog feed since Facebook’s new changes mean only about 5% of my fans even see my posts. If you’re a big Facebook user, make sure you’re seeing all the Asking For Trouble posts by adding it to your Interests list (you might have to google that – it seems to change monthly) or checking your Pages Feed. I guarantee you’ll be shocked to see all the pages you like posting cool stuff that you never see.

super cute kawaii


Plus of course, I post 3 or 4 times a week at Super Cute Kawaii! If you like the sort of things I mention here in recent purchases and wish lists then you should probably be reading SCK. We post daily about cute handmade shops and Japanese brands and have regular giveaways with really cool prizes. There are also some exciting new changes and features coming now that I’m going it alone without my panda buddy.

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