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iphone 6 cases

If you read my post yesterday and fancied a Casemate case of your own, they’re also available from my Zazzle store and I’ve been adding tons of designs lately. Although most of them say iPhone 5 in the title, they’re actually all available for any iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Motorola Razr phone, though each design will fit some devices better than others.

Most regular cases cost $42.95 (£27) but always look out for offers. Non-US buyers will get a better deal on Society6 as they’re $35 (£22) and offer free shipping regularly, but there’s less choice of designs. I’ve been having An Issue with some of my on-demand stuff but that should be sorted soon and I will start adding more designs everywhere. If there’s anything you want that isn’t available, you can always give me a shout.

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