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Weekend Wrap Up

My bunnies have their own little shelf now. I need to get some more of these (shelves and bunnies)

I’ve been avoiding the crazy weather this week (flip-flopping between freezing rain and warm sunshine every half hour) and working on lots of new things, so much so that I am way behind on telling you about them so look out for lots of exciting posts coming up. I took the above photo for SCK to show off all my plushie bunnies and food with faces.

News, Offers and Reminders

  • 28% off everything in my Zazzle store today with the code SHORTMONTH15.
  • 29% off my book, diaries and calendar at Lulu through Monday with the code NOLEAP.
  • 50% off my stickers at Redbubble, if you buy any 6 designs!
  • I reviewed a box full of Japanese snacks at Super Cute Kawaii.

PS. I’ll be posting up my free calendars for March on Monday, but if you want them tomorrow, sign up to my mailing list and they’ll be delivered straight to you, with some news and offers too.

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