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On-Demand News: Trays, Backpacks & Skirts

zazzle trays

My on-demand partners just keep on adding cool stuff! My new favourite is trays, which look super cute with my food characters and patterns. I’m a big fan of trays, both for carrying food and drink around the house and for keeping my current craft project bits in one place, so I would love a few of these. You can get them from Zazzle in lots of different sizes and designs from around $35, plus there’s 15% off all orders today and tomorrow with the code ZFAVORITEGUY.

redbubble skirts

As if leggings wasn’t exciting enough, Redbubble have now added skirts! They’re a bit short for me, but if you’re a mini skirt fan, you can add some kawaii to your outfit for around £20.

redbubble backpacks

I’ve had drawstring backpacks available at Zazzle for a while, and now Redbubble have them too. They’re lightweight so great for folding into your handbag instead of another tote. Zazzle’s are $17 while Redbubble’s are around £2o but no idea how they compare in quality.

Nothing new at Society6, but there’s free shipping worldwide with this link.

As always, if you order anything from my on-demand shops, I’d love to see a photo.

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