Summer Holiday + Price Freeze!

summer holiday

It’s Summer holiday time for me. August is one of my quieter months so I like to take some time to catch up on personal projects, work on new things and also get away for a break. Here’s some info on what’s happening.

Limited Shipping Days

I will only be shipping orders on the 6th, 17th and 31st of August so order now if you don’t want to wait! If you need something in a hurry, you can also buy online or in person from Hannah Zakari in Edinburgh, who stock quite a lot of my products. There’s more info about all of this here.

summer price freeze

Summer Price Freeze

One thing I am doing this month is recalculating my prices as many of them haven’t changed in years. Some products will definitely cost more come September 1st so take advantage of the lower prices this month.


I have no idea how much blogging I will do this month, but probably less than usual, though I will still do the Weekend Wrap Ups for sure. There will also be a giveaway! I’ll also be posting lots of pics on Instagram.

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