Order Now For Christmas

Black Friday and the Etsy market wiped me out of a lot of stuff so here’s what’s running low if you were planning a purchase.

snowflake ornaments

Due to incredible demand and delays with a dodgy batch of acrylic, I didn’t manage to get many Snowflake ornaments up for sale. I will plan better next year! It looks like I will have a couple more to list tomorrow once I’ve packaged up all the current orders – keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram to find out when they go up.

Making pear and carrot brooches today. They're quite acrobatic.

There is only one Pear brooch left and a handful of Carrots and Sad Bitten Cookies. These will all be back sometime next year.

Cute Coin Purses

Coin Purses are running low in all designs with only 1 or 2 of each available and Pancakes and Apples out of stock. I don’t know when these will be back.

busy bee organiser

I’m down to the last couple of Busy Bee Organisers, which won’t be back until next year.

cookie cute gift wrap

I’ve posted out a ridiculous amount of Cookie Cute gift wrap this month and will likely run out before Christmas so don’t hang about.

glitter ghost

I also had a bittersweet moment of posting out the very last Glitter Ghost! They won’t be back, but look out for a new limited edition design quite soon!

last orders

PS. If you’re in the USA, Canada or most of Western Europe, you need to get your orders in over the weekend. Time is running out so get shopping!

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