Day in the Life

Bank Holiday Day in the Life


As promised, we’re going to do another instalment of Day in the Life, over on Instagram. We’ve chosen this Monday (May 30th) as it’s a bank holiday in the UK so hopefully a few of you can join in with me and Claire.

All you have to do is take and post a photo of what you’re doing every hour from when you wake/get up until you go to bed/fall asleep/forget you were doing this. Remember to use the hashtag #IGdayinthelife so we can all see each others’ photos.

Since I’m in Japan, I’ll probably be kicking things off while you’re all fast asleep so check my Instagram to see what I’m up to. I only have a few days left here so I’ll try and show you what it’s like living in Tokyo.

Even if your day isn’t quite as exciting, please don’t let that put you off as we love seeing what everyone’s days look like. Feel free to use that image if you want to spread the word.

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