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Mt Fuji enamel pins

I’ve added a few slightly flawed Mt Fuji enamel pins to my sale if you’re looking to add to your pin collection. They’re just £2-3.50 depending on how noticeable the flaws are. I’m also down to my last 25 or so perfect pins and I’m not sure if I will make more so keep that in mind.


Meal Planners and 5 A Day Shopping Lists are both back in stock now (and I really must update those photos!) and all my polymer stamps and badge sets will be restocked very soon. I will also have a few more Solar System pencil cases in a few weeks. Message me if you want to know when any of these are available.

sticker sheet

And finally, some of my stickers are out of stock and that’s because I have some exciting new sticker sheets on the way to replace them! These are bigger and better with more characters per sheet and I can’t wait to get them. Here’s a peek at the artwork for one.

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