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May 2024 Recap

Here’s a look back at my month with photos, blog posts, plans & goals progress, links and more.

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What I’ve been up to

May has just been BUSY without feeling like I am achieving anything of note. I’m tired and a bit burned out. At least the weather is often nice and the Giro was fun. Other than work and taking photos of subscription boxes for SCK (I mean, that’s also work, even if it looks fun), I did some cooking and baking and read a lot and tried to deal with the piles of stuff unearthed while clearing out my bedroom to be repainted. Onwards!

Recent blog posts

My posts on Super Cute Kawaii

Plans & Goals Progress

  • Books, Comics & Zines I Read in 2024 – 4 more (2 eligible for the challenge) still 3 books ahead of schedule!
  • I got my unread folders under 30 books! I’m sure it won’t last long though.
  • I finished reading Dracula in the format it was actually intended to be read

Links I Loved

  • Alison Roman just casually delivering a punch to the gut inside a recipe for carrot cake. “If it isn’t clear by now, I am terrified of internet culture and the control it has over people who’ve chosen a creative path in this life. I am genuinely concerned I do not have the stamina (or desire) to talk about myself or my work non-stop. If I stopped, would I still get to make things?” I feel this so much. I have mostly stopped and I do still get to make things but now I don’t have enough money to make all the things I want to make or do/buy things for fun – and I kind of feel like everyone has forgotten I exist. Which was the whole point? But still hard when you’re self-employed. The fact that I am writing this on my blog that I do not promote and no one reads is a whole other thing.
  • Related (and much better than the title suggests!): How To Build Your Online “Brand” Without Burning Out
  • Sometimes I feel like I am missing out by not being on TikTok – and then I read something like this long (and very good!) essay on TikTok storytelling and I want to throw my phone into the sea.
  • Related: The Oral History of Pitchfork. This was my era, the blogging era, and this made me nostalgic and very depressed. There are no happy endings when you sell your website, unless you don’t care about what happens to it after. You do get money though, I guess.
  • I always love it when writers I follow visit the UK. Here’s David Lebovitz on his recent trip to London.
  • Lizzy House has a new newsletter and is sharing some thoughts about the inspiration and process of designing her most recent fabric collection.
  • Tavi Gevinson made a free zine that is kind of about Taylor Swift and fandom but also very meta and extremely worth your time. Is writing a zine in 2024 the opposite of TikTok?
  • RIP Steve Albini, truly a hero to me. I’m glad I got to shake his hand. These articles at The Guardian and The Quietus were both excellent reads.
  • A reminder that I share all my kawaii & Japan links on the Super Cute Kawaii newsletter. It’s free!

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