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  • Angel Bunny Tapestry Cushion

    Angel Bunny Tapestry Pillow

    It was my mum’s birthday last week and I made her an Angel Bunny mini pillow! If you remember my crafts resolutions post earlier this year, this was the secret project, which…

  • Crafts

    Finished Tapestry Cushion

    Look, I have a cushion! Turning my finished tapestry into a cushion turned out to be quite a process so I am really glad to have it finished. Since this was my…

  • Crafts

    Tapestry Update

    One project down! I finished my tapestry and I’m really happy with it. I enjoyed this project a lot and would definitely recommend one of these kits. Long stitch is even easier…

  • Crafts

    I finished my tapestry!

    I finished it on Monday so that’s ten weeks exactly. Here’s my initial post. Not bad going for my first project. Overall, I enjoyed it and found it fairly easy and relaxing. I…