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Snail Dreams Tote Bag

Snail bag

Snail nightmares more like. I would like to thank Claire from Miso Funky for the insight into what snails dream of. This one was a real labour of love and there is a lot of hand-stitching on here. If you share our sense of humour then this really is the bag for you. It’s perfect as a shopping bag and will fold up small enough to fit in any handbag while still being strong enough and big enough to cart home all your shopping.


This bag features a green snail who is dreaming of a salt cellar! More of a nightmare really, poor snail. He’s got extra hand-stitched detailing and beady eyes.

Design is made of thick coloured felt and hand-sewn on to a large heavyweight unbleached cream-coloured cotton tote bag. The bags are approx 42cm high x 38 cm wide with short handles – roomy enough for all your groceries. They are strong and durable but also lightweight so they’re perfect for folding into your bag to use as a replacement for carrier bags. You can be eco-friendly and have a cute, unique bag!

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