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I just posted up a bunch of photos showing the process of gocco printing if you’re interested. It’s by no means a tutorial but it should help you see how easy and great it is. Not to mention clean. I was always getting in a mess at art school but I had nary a smudge of ink on myself or my home after gocco printing. I didn’t even bother putting any newspaper down. The other great thing aout the gocco is how you can do two colours at the same time. Registration has always been my printing nemesis but it’s not something you have to worry about with the gocco unless you are doing something very complicated. I heartily recommend the gocco. Yes, they’re expensive but screenprinting isn’t much cheaper and it’s a lot messier and time consuming.

Go see my Flickr photos >>

UPDATE: Riso, the manufacturers of the Print Gocco have now ceased production of the machines with inks and supplies to end in December 2008. See this thread on Etsy and the Flickr Gocco Group for the latest info. Prices are already rising and new and used gocco machines are scarce. Sad times.

Gocco information

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Online shops for gocco supplies

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