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I’ve been having a bit of a designery week, initiated by me finally sitting down and catching up with 2 months of posts on the Creative Review blog and things magazine and culminating in me spending £5 on a magazine about Japanese architecture. I also started reading some of the awesome design books sitting in my reading pile, more of which later.

So, CR blog and things are amongst my absolute favourites for keeping me up to date with new inspirational design. things, in particular, can have me ricocheting around the corners of the interweb, following link after link of new and old design. One of the links that kept popping up was ffffound which I am now head over heels in love with. Viewed in your browser, it’s like a collage of beauty but stick it in your RSS reader and you can mainline a steady stream of inspiration straight into your brain.

Ffffound allows users to post and share images from the web and then other users can mark their favourites. It’s in beta at the moment, but it looks like the plan is eventually to let everyone sign up so you can heart your favourite images and it will streamline the selections to your personal aesthetic appeal. There’s already a ‘if you like this, you might like this’ bit at the bottom of each page and I can see this becoming very addictive. It’s almost like having a personal assistant to add stuff to your Flickr favourites.

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite ffffound images from the weekend. What are yours?


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