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Wishlist (Etsy bunny edition)

Bunnies, bunnies! I just LOVE bunnies and I can’t help myself. There are some bunny families who live in the campus I (used to) work in and I have spent many a happy walk break stalking them and cooing in delight at the tiny pocket sized baby bunnies. Maybe one day I will have my own bunny again but in the meantime I make do with my sidekick Angel Bunny and several million cute bunny related things. Luckily crafty folks love bunnies too so here is a little wishlist of cute bunny things on Etsy just now. Enjoy!


Nom Nom Nom bunny altered Gocco print by Argyle Whale

I nearly cried laughing when I saw these on Argyle Whale’s blog. Not only are these gocco prints hilarious in their own right but each one is artistically nibbled round the edges by her pet bunnies! Such a cute idea. I can’t wait to see what these crafty bunnies get up to next.


French Cream Peanut Bunny by Make It Awesome

Sonja Ahlers makes lots of great art but the cutest things she makes are definitely her Fierce Bunnies made from vintage angora jumpers. They come in a variety of sizes, all with different names and expressions but I love the tiny peanut bunnies the best.


Gocco Greetingcard (Bunny Family) by Apak

Moomin bunnies! Well, that is what they look like to me. I’d love to know what they’re talking about. Adorable bunnies gocco printed on to recycled card – what more could you want?


Bunny Walking in Winter Wool Scarf by Kwoozy

I have been lusting after this for a couple of months now but it’s just a little too expensive for an impulse buy. If anything could get me out of the house on cold windy days, it would be knowing I have a cute bunny scarf to wrap around my neck. Each one is unique with a lovely mix of felt, fabrics and colours.


Recipe Cards by Boy Girl Party

I don’t think I could bear to use these but who doesn’t like bunnies with frying pans? Just one of many many cute animal-related stationery sets available. If I didn’t already have 400 notebooks I’d be very tempted. If there was a bunny notebook I’d probably have caved in by now…


Rainy Notecard by bismo080

The weather outside is hideous today but I think these bunnies might just make it through in their cute raincoats. There are also snow and beach themed cards that are just as cute. I really think I’m going to have to invest in these. They even come with a little flower sticker for sealing the envelope.

Okay, that’s all the bunnies I can handle today. Seen any more cute bunnies? Do share!


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