Are you Folksy?

Good news everyone! There’s a new friendly place on the web to buy and sell handmade stuff in the UK. Folksy have been drifting around the online crafting community for quite a while now so I was excited to see they were finally able to launch the site last week.

Very much in the vein of Etsy and Dawanda, Folksy hosts individual shops run by users selling their handmade wares and picks out a selection of cool stuff for the home page. There’s also forums and a soon-to-launch tutorials section which looks very exciting.

Never one to miss something new on the internets, I signed up straightaway and listed a few things. As Folksy is very much in Beta, there were issues ahoy but the Folksy folks are very friendly and quick to help so the improvements have been piling up day by day. In many ways it’s a lot easier to use than Etsy and of course you get to list in British Pounds. It’s missing some of the more advanced features of Etsy but it’s early days yet – the most important thing is that Folksy are listening to its users and making changes daily to give us the best site they can.

If you’re a creative type based in the UK, I’d definitely recommend giving Folksy a try and letting them know what you think – listings cost 20p each but they’re commission free during the Beta phase. If you’re a fan of handmade things and sick of overseas sellers that won’t ship overseas and ridiculous customs charges then get on over for a browse. If you’ve ever been near the Etsy UK  or UK Handmade groups you’re sure to recognise a few faces.

I for one welcome our new Folksy overlords. Best of luck to them.

Of course, you can have a look at my Folksy shop too. Be sure to friend me!

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