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I Love My Gocco!

Vintage button badges

Yesterday I did a whole lot of gocco printing. I’ve been working on these designs for a while but only got them perfected and photocopied on Wednesday so it was exciting to finally see them in print.

You’ll recognise my buttons which I have printed on brown kraft paper in 4 colours and made into badges. I’m so happy with how these turned out despite the fact that my cutting marks were out on the screens so I had to cut them all by hand. It gives the buttons a little bit of a 3D effect though which is a nice bonus. There are two sets and they will be available to buy very soon, once I finish off the matching packaging. UPDATE: Buy them here!

Button plant gocco cards

My other design also features the buttons, as part of a button flower plant! I tried these as cards which look very fresh and Spring-y but there’s something up with this particular type of card and the ink is refusing to dry past the tacky stage which is a bit of a blow. I already have a better plan though so expect to see these turning up as freebies with orders.

Button plant notebook

I also printed this design on to kraft paper (I love kraft paper!) for notebooks. This was my prototype which I was initially unhappy with but is now growing on me. A bit more tweaking and these should be available for sale. Yay!

Button plant notebook

There’s a button on the back too.

Lots of exciting news and things coming up soon, if I can find some spare time inbetween diskant party organising.

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