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Travel Journals

Travel Journals

For some reason, I thought my travel journals weren’t proving very popular. That was until my dad asked to buy one and I realised there was only one left. You can tell all that jetlag has addled my brain. Anyway, I have made a couple more and they’re in the shop now. I’m particularly taken with the Brazil one which has BRAZIL emblazed exactly down the spine – I love it when something works out so perfectly.

Brazil Travel Journal

In other news, I finally sent out my little packages of fun to the randomly selected folks on my mailing list which they seem to be enjoying – see the nice blog posts by Jen and Becky. Thanks for the kind words! I have a couple of other giveaways and offers in the works, at least one of which the mailing list will get first dibs on so go join up on your right if you want in!

Oh, one more thing. Shopify in their ever-expanding genius have added a whole bunch of RSS feeds to my shop so you can add any collection page to your RSS reader to get the latest additions as they happen. Particularly useful might be New in the shop and Bargain Corner but if you’re waiting for me to design the perfect notebook or purse then add those too!

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