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Well, I’m back

Rabbit Resort

I am back in Glasgow and we all had an awesome time in Thailand. Here is Oooew Bunny overwhelmed by the joys of the Rabbit Resort, in front of that very pool I posted below (which did look exactly like that!). I think my face had a similar expression most of the time as well. My internet usage is currently restricted during peak hours for too much LOST watching or something, but Flickr photos will be forthcoming.

I had so much super exciting mail waiting for me on the kitchen table, which was just what I needed at midnight after 16 hours of planes and airports. One was some pretty new colours of gocco inks for an exciting project I’ve been planning and I also had a pay it forward package from Rebecca which was a lovely and unexpected surprise. Thanks Rebecca! You can see a bit of what she sent here. More exciting even than that, was the arrival of my fabric from Spoonflower. It looks even better than I had visualised and I literally did a happy dance in the kitchen at the sight of it. I will photograph it soon and let you see! You can catch a couple of glimpses of it in the latest Spoonflower video, though I imagine you will be dazzled by the amazing fabric of The Small Object and miss mine.

Oh, and I bought a giant happy carrot as well…

Happy Carrot San

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