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Friday afternoon update

Sock Monkey keyrings

My jewellery bits and pieces finally arrived this morning so I was able to put together that batch of keyrings I mentioned earlier in the week. I have a growing respect for actual jewellery makers as I find just attaching things together very fiddly and painful on the fingers.

Anyway, the result is much cuteness! Definitely my favourites are the Sock Monkey keyrings which come with either a bunch of bananas or a cute monkey! I got these charms in Tokyo and there are only two of each. Why why why did I not buy more? I still have some bunnies though :)

There are also pretty brass birds, cute ladybirds and one very special pink flower notebook made with the most beautifully textured washi. Check out the NEW! collection for more info.

You may also note that the shop itself has had a bit of an update. I’m really pleased with the new design as it all seems much cleaner and the images are all bigger. Have a look and let me know what you think!

I had a big list of things to do today and I’m not getting on very quickly. Instead I may knock off early and give my laptop a rest. If you’re bored, have a look at this hand-painted Totoro baby bedroom. So ridiculously awesome. Have a good weekend!

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