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Not so slow progress

Making keyrings

So, at the beginning of every month, I start a new to-do list of things that need to be done and bring forward any tasks left on the previous month’s list. This seemed like a good plan when I started it but every month so far I have discovered that I add more things to the list than I cross off and thus feel like I’m not achieving anything.

Instead, I have started keeping track of what I actually do. It’s just a text file on my desktop but every time I stop doing something I make a quick note of it and what project it relates to. Because of my RSI, laptop overheating issues etc. I like to swap around between a variety of tasks each day so it can sometimes take days to complete simple things. My new task list is proving much better at letting me see what I’ve actually achieved in a day, which projects are using up the most of my time and what’s still unfinished.

At the end of this month, I’m just going to start a whole new notebook and put all my tasks and ideas in one big never-ending list, with shorter daily or project-based lists as required. Hopefully this will be much more helpful. How do you organise yourself?

Making keyrings pt2

These keyrings have taken me 3 days so far (cutting, ironing, sewing) and now are awaiting some new supplies so I can finish them. Time to move on to another task!

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