Giveaway Time!

Misprint Button Bags

So, the purple button bags are not quite as bad as I first thought. They’re certainly Not Good Enough by my perfectionist standards but most are decent enough to be sold. They do all still function as bags after all – it’s not like I ripped holes in them. Four of the best prints are in the shop now as Misprint Button Bags for a mere £4 each – that’s HALF the usual price!

I do also have 2 or maybe 3 bags here that I am not willing to put on sale. You can see the print quality above. Again, they still work as bags and the print is mostly good, just with bits missing. If you’d like to win one, then leave a comment here about anything you like (disaster tales will obviously cheer me up!) and I’ll pick some winners in a few days. I’ll put some random surprises inside the bags as well – exciting!

In other news, I found my gloves and it is still freezing.

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