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See, I KNEW it was a good idea to get my Christmas stuff organised early. My immune system spotted the two week break between markets and thought I might like to fill the time with a cold rather than making stuff. Guh. I’m pretty much back to normal now but I would likely be panicking a bit if I wasn’t already on track.

Anyway, as you may have noticed, the website, blog and shop have had a bit of a tweak. Other people watch TV and eat soup when they’re ill – I comfort-design. The pink was starting to annoy me and the banners were so out of date so this feels much better. I’ve also standardised the navigation between the three areas so you shouldn’t feel like you’re switching about so much. There are different banner designs depending on where you are – a few of my favourites are above. What do you think?

I also celebrated double figure Folksy sales by purchasing an adorable ghost bunny brooch by Joey’s Dream Garden. She’s made friends with Oooew Bunny already (I think…). Don’t forget to visit Super Cute Kawaii for more cuteness – I’m still posting there most days.

Oooew, is that a ghost!!

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