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Featured on Folksy!

Check me out! I’ve been picked as a Featured Seller on Folksy this month! You’ll spot my happy bunny icon rotating into the home page and other pages as you visit which I’m sure will only make shopping there even more enjoyable for you. I’m very pleased because Folksy is awesome and I feel like I’ve put a lot of work into my shop but also helped make Folksy a little bit better with all the bug reporting and whining I’ve done in the forums. It’s going to be interesting comparing my Folksy and Etsy shop sales at the end of the year – they’re very close at the moment.

In other news, I bought some CLAMPS today which I am hoping will transform my craft market experience. They’re for the stall, not to torture customers. You’ll see. I am doing a market on Saturday but it’s invite only – however, you can come and see my fellow mafioso at Mono in Glasgow on Sunday and then I’ll be at a bunch of markets in the next few weeks, including the December Mono and QMU on the poster below. Hope to see you there!

Winter Markets

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