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Winter Gardens, Glasgow Green

I hate this time of year! There are so many exciting things going on that I can’t share because they’re Christmas presents or whatever. Booooo. Here is a nice photo of a flower I took instead.

Today was super-exciting mail day – I got something cute from Etsy for Claire but I can’t even look at it myself as it’s already been gift wrapped. I also got something for me from the same shop and it’s adorable but must be tucked away on one of my shelves til later so I don’t spoil the surprise. Less excitingly, I got an empty envelope – the flap was open and whatever was inside was long gone. I don’t recognise the handwriting, there’s no return address and the postmark is smudged so I am most bewildered. I hope it wasn’t a cheque for sales or something.

The greatest excitement happened at lunchtime though, when a UPS man turned up (always exciting in the UK) with a long-awaited purchase. I can’t show you anything yet but I will give you a clue – it was from Ponoko. I’ve mostly spent the rest of the day going “eeeeeeeee!”

One thing I can show you is my CLAMPS in action. I actually forgot to take photos but my mum was visiting and she took this one. You can’t really see the clamps but you can see what they are doing, which is holding some ribbon so I can hang cute things along the front in a much neater way, as well as showing off my lovely new bags. Yay.

If you’re in the Glasgow area and would like to see these clamps in action then come by Milngavie Town Hall tomorrow evening and you will get your wish, as well as lovely handmade crafts and JAM. Excellent.

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