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Shop Update of Delights

Japanese Flower Brooches

The Box of Delights exhibition at Ricefield ended at Christmas and I went to collect my money and leftovers yesterday. It seems to have been very successful, bringing some new visitors to Ricefield and some new customers to the exhibitors. I made the image above a while back, picking out all my favourites of all the brooches I made for the exhibition, and was thus delighted to get almost all of them back! Usually, people buy up all my favourite ones first but this time I get to spend a bit more time with my favourites before they go off to new homes. Having said that, they will probably sit in the shop for months now!

Most of the above are now available in the shop. They’re slightly bigger than my usual felt flower brooches and the buttons are hand covered with Japanese fabric. As always, they’re all one of a kind.

I also got back just two of my Kyoto Bunny badge sets made with lovely wrapping paper I got in Kyoto. They’re also in the shop now.

I’ve been incredibly busy so far this year with web design work, some of which I will show you soon. I’m really hoping to power through the rest quickly so I can get back to making new Asking For Trouble things. I have plans for drawings, gocco prints, badges and of course zines, as well as a bunch of tutorials and other helpful things. However, if you’re in need of some web design, whether a full site or shop, or just a banner or logo, feel free to email me and I’ll try and squeeze you in. I do work quickly and I love to help. You can check out my portfolio right here.

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