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So, as I mentioned briefly the other day, I now have a shop on DaWanda. I’ve been signed up for ages but never really looked into it properly. I tried listing some items a few weeks ago and got a sale immediately so I figured it was worth investing some time in it. I really like the look of it and so far it’s been great to work with.

In case you’re unaware, DaWanda is a German handmade marketplace and the site is available in German, French and English versions with prices listed in Euros. Because of the language thing, it seems like it has a whole chunk of people who you’d never find on places like Etsy (both buyers and sellers). The most interesting part is that the search results in each language version of the site only show products with descriptions in that language so if you want to reach the maximum customers you need to have some language skills up your sleeve.

Anyway, I am terrible at languages but lucky enough to have a mother who knows them all. So she is my latest helper and is busily translating my product descriptions. I have to say I’m finding it highly amusing reading my nonsense translated into another language.

At the moment we’re bilingual and you can browse my shop in either English or French. German will hopefully follow later and the product range will also expand in time.

Exciting! (or, um, whatever the French is for exciting).

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