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Sixth Picture

I’ve been tagged by Alice to do this:
“Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.”

I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret this as I don’t really organise my photos at all, and my Pictures folder is also full of folders of photos I didn’t take. So I found the sixth folder of photos I’ve taken and this was the sixth photo.


This is Adriaan Honig, or rather a bust of him in the Zaandam Windmill Museum in Holland. He is also my great great Grandfather! He was in charge of 4 windmills in Zaandam including Het Pink which is still there and is now a museum. The photos of Angel Bunny with a windmill are at Het Pink. I took this photo a couple of years ago when me and my sister and my mum went over to Holland to see the old family estate (and eat lots of cake). You can see all the other photos from that trip here on Flickr.

Incidentally, this folder is my bad quality photos folder so mobile phone pics and some from my first digital camera before I changed the settings. Here are a couple more I like:

Angel Bunny

The very first Angel Bunny on Tour photo. This was at Trinity College in Dublin, trying to amuse myself waiting for my bandmates who were 45 minutes late. The Dublin gig turned out to be our last, though the band still exists.


And St Stephens, also in Dublin. My phone camera is hella rubbish but sometimes that almost works in its favour.

Oh, tagging. Um.

1. Claire
2. Nicolette
3. Emma
4. Stu
5. Catherine
6. YOU

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