The bunnies have eyes

Bunny Brooch

Considering I got my bunny pieces from Ponoko back in November, it’s been a long and tiresome search for the right size of bunny eyes. I feel like I’ve searched every corner of the interweb but finally found the perfect beads yesterday in a new bead shop in Glasgow called The Bead Company. The staff are super-nice and the prices were very reasonable too. Hurrah!

bunny brooches

So, finally the bunny brooches are in my shop and I love them to bits. I only got 3 cut and I am keeping one so they are extremely limited edition! As with the bunny charm pendants, they have hand-drawn mouths and a cute Japanese bunny sticker embellishment. The brooches also, obviously, have a brooch pin on the back so you can pin them wherever you like.

prettify badges

If that wasn’t enough, I also have a new badge set available! It’s like I actually do some work in between twittering and watching LOST. This set is based on my Prettify theme for Shopify and features the original sketchbook doodles that went on to make up the design. There is a bunny of course, plus a butterfly and some pretty blossom. As always, they’re packaged in a little bag ready for gifting.

I might have a rest now, although there are many more plans up my sleeve.

I’m also sending out a newsletter soon – if you’d like to receive them you can join up by using the form in the right sidebar. This is my first one since the beginning of December so rest assured that you will not be deluged with emails.

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