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Tokyo Shopping Guide v2.0 – a giveaway!

Tokyo Shopping Guide

The print version of my Tokyo Shopping Guide has now been updated and will be sent out for all future orders (outstanding orders will be posted tomorrow!). I really appreciate all the feedback you guys send me after using the guide and there are a few clarifications and updates to the information. I make sure to keep the online version as up to date as possible so it’s always wise to do a bit of checking before you leave.

Some of the updates include:
Tama Depa now in Harajuku beside Nakamise Dori
– Updated directions for Loft and other shops that people were having difficulty with
– A branch of Lemmon is now beside Sunshine City
Itoya in Ginza is now just 2 buildings with washi now in Itoya 1

To celebrate, let’s have a giveaway! Leave a comment on this post and tell me something you’d like to do in Japan. I’ll pick a winner who will get a copy of both the shopping guide and my Ten Days in Tokyo zine, plus some other random stuff. You’ve got til Monday 16th to enter and everyone is welcome!

After the jump is some more detailed feedback sent to me by Katie. She got one of the prototype zines and kindly tested it out for me when she visited Japan. You can see more of her photos from the trip on Flickr. Enjoy!



I agree that’s hard to get lost there. Wandering the side streets was great, we found a brilliant DVD shop on a corner opposite a KFC. We went here twice because there was so much to do! We found the place very easily from your instructions. I never got a chance to look at the interactive map online though.

We couldn’t find this at first, and only came across it by accident the second time. The sign was very small and I didn’t notice it until I’d already been sucked in by the plushies in the window.

Super Potato
I never found this. We looked everywhere for a potato character on the signs, but couldn’t find it.

Aso Bit
We found a huge, 6-floor on a small street running parallel to the main street. It was easily visible by looking down a side street to the left as you walk away from the station, after the first set of lights. It was fantastic!


We found everything very easily here, only we came out at the wrong end of the station and did everything in reverse. The right exit for Daiso and Takeshita Dori would have been the East one.

We came across this from the other direction, but I still think your instructions would have been very helpful.

We found that very easily. (I loved it!!!)
The only drawback was that I didn’t know they only take 100 yen coins, and there was no coin machine. So I only got about half the gashupon I wanted. (We had only just arrived in Japan.) I quickly learned to save up those coins!

We would never have found the Ukiyo-E Museum if you hadn’t mentioned it, so thank you for that. And lunch at Shakey’s was great too.


Being on the Yamanote line, it was easy to find. But the signs in the station didn’t match your instructions for the exit, so it was very confusing. They just said East and West. I got so lost I’m not sure which was the right one. We wandered around for ages.

I’m very glad you mentioned the Starbucks and then the Tower Records, otherwise we would have had no clue. We couldn’t see the Loft sign from the main road at all. It wasn’t until I just happened to see the logo on the Seibu store directory sign that we found it. The lane is actually between Seibu A and Seibu B stores. Perhaps it would help to mention that.
Boy I’m glad we did find it though! I bought a bento box there which I use every day for lunch at work. Plus tons of other stuff!

Had a lot of trouble finding this. We had to cross under the railway line before we could even see signs for the store. The entrance was pretty easy to find from there though, as there were lots of signs. The Itoya was a little disappointing though, it was quite small. I really wish we had had time to go to the proper one. Just as we were leaving we saw the RanKing RanQueen store. Very strange!


Easy to find again on the Yamanote line. The building works were no longer there, but your instructions were still pretty good. The street started on the other side of a bus terminal (complete with fountain) so it might be helpful to mention that. I was a little worried I had the wrong street because the pennants didn’t start until the next block. They are green and yellow now!

Very easy to find once I had the right street. Fantastic! The discount shop opposite didn’t have anything good while I was there though.

I found a shop called Lemmon, but what it had didn’t fit your description at all. It just seemed to be crammed full of very low-quality baby clothes, like a particularly bad $1 shop. I didn’t go inside though, so perhaps there was more up/downstairs?


Very good instructions here. The giant Hello Kitty head was a very good marker. Plus about a hundred signs in the station itself saying “Sunshine City this way!”

I had a lot of trouble getting around inside as well due to all the signs being in Japanese. There was a Loft on the 2nd level, but I was pretty unimpressed with it. The Shibuya one just blew it out of the water! There was a Lemmon store as well just opposite, and that had all the sort of stuff you described in the Nippori section.

Absolutely brilliant!


Very easy to find, Yamanote line again!

The best part of the instructions was to go down the hill, past the bus stop. Otherwise we would have had no clue. Going past the temple and crossing the river was helpful too. I knew I was on the right track when I saw the Lucky Star.

Oh my gosh, what a gem! He still has that rickety old cash register


Thanks Katie!

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