Exciting post about shipping

Raspberry Beret

Yes, I’m lying, it’s not interesting at all.

The Royal Mail in their infinite wisdom have raised their postage prices, which means I have had to follow suit. They’re not enormous changes and most of my things are light so it shouldn’t be too big a deal.

However, to make the whole situation a bit more exciting, I have added a couple of new features to the shop. Firstly, there is now a page of Shipping Costs so you can see exactly what the charges are. And secondly, if you check your Cart, it will tell you the weight of your current order so you can check against that list and see exactly how much it’s going to cost you before opening your purse. I hope this will be helpful in getting as much as you can for your money. I also dropped the prices of some things I am sick of the sight of so check the Bargain Corner.

This all applies to my shops on Etsy, Folksy and DaWanda too, except that they all have free shipping on additional items so you can fill your basket at no extra cost. I’ve also updated the prices to match recent exchange rate changes.

And finally, my mother is now working on German translations for the DaWanda shop, so any Germans out there, you may now have a clearer idea of what the heck I am on about generally.

(Also, I havent actually updated Folksy yet so if you order today you’ll be getting your stuff for reduced shipping, woo!)

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