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Button cards

Remember these from the other day? I printed my vintage buttons on to some little cards and these are going out free with all orders (unless you get a Cakeify instead!). I was reading a forum thread (on Etsy I think) about freebies with orders and was surprised at how many people said they don’t like getting free stuff. It does make sense when you think about it though – a lot of freebies are things you don’t really want so while you appreciate the gesture, it ultimately ends up in the bin.

Thank You

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to make my freebies more useful. I used to write a little thank you note but I figure most people will be happy to lose the personal thanks if instead they get a unique thank you card that is reusable. As you can see there’s plenty room on the back for a little note so you can pass it on. Win win! I think they came out pretty cute too. I’ll be changing up the colours and designs of these thank you cards regularly depending on what I’m printing, so who knows what you’ll get when you order!

Super Cute Kawaii badges

Speaking of cute, I finally got around to making Super Cute Kawaii badges with Bunny, Panda and their new friend Monsier Le Bun. They’re available to buy in my shop and I’d advise you pop over to the Super Cute Kawaii blog as well since M. Le Bun has an awesome giveaway on the go – you can win a whole pile of kawaii for hardly any effort!

And finally, it’s Bags day in the DaWanda Spring Special so you can get yourself 11% off my Cakeify & Friends mini bags if you buy at the right time. I’ll get the individual bags up in time as well.

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