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End of the month update – April

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This year is going by way too fast.

Books I enjoyed:

Tokyo by Graham Marks
I will read anything about Tokyo! This is a slender book, both in size and plot but I didn’t really care as it’s basically a lightweight travelogue of Tokyo and thus brings the nostalgia. Blub!

Eldest by Christopher Paolini
Part 2 of the trilogy – still very easy to guess the plot twists and the writing is still a bit ‘teenager being pretentious’ but fun anyway.

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan
And another part 2, though there are like 15 books in this set. Getting a lot more creepy and epic but I’m not sure it’s going to hold my interest for another ten books.

Good films I watched:
– Eagle vs Shark
Yay, I actually saw a good film. This was pretty cute and only a little bit too quirky. And sad too. Aw.

Projects completed:
– Cakeify & Friends plushies (will blog them soon!)
New thank you cards
Lots of prototyping and new products
DaWanda shop translated into German (thanks to my mum!)
– Website/shop for Sarey Poppins (not yet launched)
Etsy guest curating!

Interesting new blogs in my RSS:
Colors City (pretty crafts and a very enjoyable Thailand trip report)
The Ack Attack! (Funniest LOST blog evar. How have I managed to miss this?)

Exciting things I purchased:
– LOST S3 on DVD for my mega rewatching

Most listened to artists, according to
1. Girls Aloud
2. The Organ
3. Lily Allen
4. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
5. Pet Shop Boys
6 . Annie
7. Ladytron
8. Mogwai
9. Findo Gask
10. Errors

Online sales:
Items sold on Shopify: 7
Items sold on Etsy: 17
Items sold on Folksy: 8
Items sold on Dawanda: 5

Another quiet month and not much to say about it. I seem to have spent the month answering enquiries and sending off SOR orders so hopefully that will all come back as cash in the next few months.

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