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Who wants new shoes?*

button shoes

It’s been on my to-do list for ages and ages to build myself a Zazzle store. If you’ve never seen Zazzle, they let you create a huge range of products using your own designs and then make them available for sale so anyone can buy them, with the designer getting a commission. Being able to make custom stickers, postcards and keyrings is one thing but being able to make your own SHOES is pretty much a dream come true for me.

keds shoes

So, I’ve been working away on lots of cute designs which you can actually go and buy and wear on your feet. If I ever see anyone wearing my shoes I will probably die from shock but I’m prepared to take that risk.


I’m also very much taken with my mug designs and would like all of them. You may note there a Prettify repeat design, the first of 12 designs I promised to make this year as part of my resolutions. More on that sometime soon.


And of course stickers, because who doesn’t want a sheet of Jammie Dodger or Monsieur Le Bun stickers? I sure do.

Sadly, I don’t have any spare cash to actually purchase any of this awesomeness for myself yet but I’m definitely saving for some white button shoes and a(nother) cupboard full of mugs. Or you know, I’m a size 6 (US 8.5) if you’re feeling spendy :)

So please please go have a look at everything and join my fan club and leave comments and things. I’m sure to be adding lots more stuff soon. And if you buy anything please send me photos!

*I really wanted to make some awful razzle dazzle pun here but I managed to stop myself.

UPDATE: Aww, Zazzle made my Cakeify mug one of Today’s Best Products so it’s on the Zazzle homepage, yay.

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